The paintings of Mariska Baars are characterized by a scarce application of paint, that nevertheless causes a radiating effect. Many of her works focus on ‘skin’, both of the portrayed bodies or objects and of the linen she uses. In her most recent series of paintings a shift takes place, from fragments of images to wider scenes on a larger format. These works present homely situations in which the contrast between intimacy and distance results in a strange kind of tension.

The music that she composed and recorded under the soccer Committee moniker was often inspired by images. Apart from that, there was the experience of seeing sounds like objects moving in a space. This resulted in songs that listeners often described as music from a music box, or images in a view master. These songs show moments that do not end, but rather remain ‘hanging in the space’, like movie scenes in slow motion. An experience of the senses, that can also be felt in her visual work.

Contact: mail maersickae@gmail.com


2015 — Van Abbehuis, Eindhoven, 13 dec 2015-3 january 2016.  Artists: Bert Loerakker, Alexandra Roozen, Mariska Baars

2015 — Schapenschilders, Noord-Veluws Museum, Nunspeet 27 june-5 dec 2015

2015 — solo exhibition, Kunstgang, Leiden 31 may-11 july 2015

2015 — Worlds of Nature, RAM (main room: Bert Loerakker; talent room: Mariska Baars)Rotterdam, 15 march-26 april 2015

2015 — Group exhibition, Galerie in De Molen, Wassenaar, 17 jan-15 feb 2015

2014 — Solo exhibition, SER-building, The Hague, 24 nov 2014-9 jan 2015

2014 — FreshCACAO, Kunstinitiatief De CACAOFABRIEK, Helmond 31 aug-12 okt 2014

2014 — Kunstroute, VERS!#3 at Haagweg 4, Leiden 27-28 sept 2014

2014 — Graduation Festival, Royal Academy, The Hague

2014 — Masterclass Marcel van Eeden and Barbara Seiler, Galery Royal Academy, The Hague

2014 — Isenheimer Altar in MRK (Museum for Religious Art), Uden

2013 — Isenheimer Altar, Gallery Royal Academy, The Hague

2013 — Kunstroute, Leiden

2012 — Primus Inter Paria, Bink 36, Den Haag

2012 — Kunstroute, Open/Makers aan de Markt, Leiden

2011 — Space Oddity, Ruimtevaart, Den Haag

PERFORMANCES (selected):

Premiere of dance-performance No.mades by choreographer Piet Rogie (dancers Piet Rogie, Ralitza Malehounova, Paulina Vogel. Dramaturgy: Hans Timmerman. Music: Mariska Baars), Rotterdamse Schouwburg -23 january 2016

Performance of soccer Committee-compositions transcribed for flute/bassflute & piano by Russian composer Kirill Shirokov. Performed by Sasha Elina and Kirill Shirokov in STANISLAVSKY Electrotheatre, Moskou (Russia) –march 2015

Volkspaleis-festival, Turbinehal, with Piiptsjilling in The Hague -2013

‘Into the Great Wide Open’ artist in residence, ‘Seeljocht’ cd-release and performances, Vlieland -2011

Frameworks-festival, duo-performance with Rutger Zuydervelt in Munich (Germany) -2011

Ladyland, Extrapool, Nijmegen -2009

S5Kunstenfestival, Scheltemacomplex voor actuele kunst, Leiden -2008

Zapata, Dutch festival, Berlin (Germany) -2008

Smart Project Space, met Rutger Zuydervelt, Amsterdam -2008

Onomatopee, met Piiptsjilling in Eindhoven -2008

Museum De Hallen, at opening photo-exposition Sea of Marmara of Leo Divendal -2008

EspaiSonor (EACC Music Season in EACC Contemporary Museum in Castellon (Spain) -2007

Futuresonic, Cross street chapel in Manchester (England) -2007

Urban Explorers Festival, Dordrecht -2006

Noorderslag, 3voor12 VPRO-podium in Groningen -2006

Dwars/Radio 6, ‘Dwars-festival’, live broadcast -2005

Dwars/Radio 6, radio-performance and interview by Berry Kamer (VPRO) -2005

RECORDINGS (selected):


‘sC’, cd on label Morctapes (Belgium) -2008 (nr 8 on ‘Moordlijst’, Holland’s main alternative/independent music charts)

review: http://boomkat.com/downloads/54191-soccer-committee-sc

self released cd-r ‘soccer Committee’ -2005


’Molkedrippen’ with Piiptsjilling, CD on label SPEKK (JP) -2014

‘Moarntiids’, with Piiptsjilling, CD on label Midira (Ger) -2014

‘Seeljocht’, with Greg Haines, Piiptsjilling, Nils Frahm, Heather Broderick, Peter Broderick, cd part of residency program ‘Into the great wide open’, Vlieland (NL) -2011

‘Wurdskrieme’ with Piiptsjilling, CD/LP on label Experimedia (USA) -2010

‘Drawn’, with Rutger Zuydervelt, cd/lp on label Digitalis (USA) -2009

‘Piiptsjilling’, on label Onomatopee (NL) -2009